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Vincent Peirani - Emile Parisien (FR), Marianne Trudel & Trifolia (CA)

Чт 13.10. 2016 19:00
Rusų dramos teatras
16.16 - 21.16
Vilnius Jazz 2016: Vincent Peirani - Emile Parisien (FR), Marianne Trudel & Trifolia (CA)

Spalio 13 d. , 19:00 val. Rusų dramos teatras

Vincent Peirani - Emile Parisien (France)
Belle Époque

Vincent Peirani - accordion
Emile Parisien - soprano saxophone

Alongside and thanks to his ACT colleague Youn Sun Nah – who took him with her on her tour of France and into the studio band for her album "Same Girl"– the 33 year-old accordionist Vincent Peirani is undisputedly the French shooting star of the last two years. The French Jazz Magazine named him Artist of the Year 2013 for the wealth of variety, technical top-difficulties and percussive inventiveness that the Nice-born Parisian enticed out of his accordions on his so aptly entitled ACT debut album "Thrill Box". The jury of the Académie du Jazz honoured him with the coveted "Prix Django Reinhardt" award almost simultaneously.

No less in demand is Emilee Parisien, who is two years younger, comes from Cahors and also lives in Paris. Like Peirani on the accordion, Parisien is seen as the reinventer of the soprano saxophone and as its leading French protagonist. Parisien started at the College de Jazz in Marciac at the gentle age of eleven, and later played at the legendary festival there together with greats the likes of Wynton Marsalis and Christian McBride. In 2009 he won three major prizes: the "Prix Frank Ténot" at the Les Victoires du Jazz, the "Jazz Primeur" awarded by the French Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs and the prize from the festival organisation AFIJMA. In 2012, one year before Peirani, he was awarded the "Prix Django Reinhardt". Most recently he caused a furore mostly with his own quartet, which improvises freely and with a fascinating homogeneity on material ranging from Wagner to hip-hop.

Marianne Trudel & Trifolia (Canada)

Marianne Trudel - piano, wurlitzer, accordion, voice composition
Étienne Lafrance - doublebass, composition
Patrick Graham - percussion

TRIFOLIA is the result of a rich collaboration between three accomplished musicians, each with a different palette of colors from which to sketch. Jazz meets world music, meets classical, and the Montreal trio blurs, and then obliterates the boundaries genre expectation, although never straying far from the heartfelt.
The name “trifolia” is often applied to a plant that possesses three leaves. In the case of this trio, the three musicians of Trifolia form a dynamic, living unit, sharing with audiences everywhere their passion for heartfelt communication through sound. The encounter of three extraordinary artists of different horizons creates this astonishing musical overlapping of jazz, world music and classical music. A mesmerizing incursion into a sound universe both varied and rich. Brilliant compositions, overflowing passion and a remarkable complicity are the hallmark of this new group, which is garnering enthusiastic praise at every turn.

"If there is justice in the jazz world, pianist Marianne Trudel should be on the edge of a breakout. She is playing with confidence and creativity and her compositions bristle with fresh ideas and a real sense of purpose." — James Hale, Jazz Chronicles (Canada)

Marianne Trudel TRIFOLIA - Trois Soleils
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Мероприятие Дата / Время Место проведения Цена  
Vincent Peirani - Emile Parisien (FR), Marianne Trudel & Trifolia (CA) Чт 13.10. 2016 19:00 Rusų dramos teatras 16.16 - 21.16
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Vilnius Jazz 2016 festivalio abonementai galioja į visus festivalio koncertus, vykstančius Rusų dramos teatre.

Durys atidaromos:
likus 30 minučių iki renginio pradžios
Pertraukos: nėra
Vaikai įleidžiami nemokamai: ne
Renginio organizatorius: VšĮ "Vilniaus džiazo festivalis"
Amžiaus cenzas: nėra
Nuolaidos: nėra

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Место проведения
J. Basanavičiaus g.13 Vilnius Литва
VšĮ „Vilniaus džiazo festivalis“
VšĮ „Vilniaus džiazo festivalis“
P. Skorinos 16 – 2 Vilnius Vilnius