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Liudas Mockūnas - Dalius Naujokaitis (LT), Orchestre National de Jazz (FR)

Вс 16.10. 2016 19:00
Rusų dramos teatras
11.16 - 21.16
Orchestre National de Jazz (ONJ)

Olivier Benoit - artistic direction, guitar
Jean Dousteyssier - clarinets
Alexandra Grimal - tenor saxophone
Hugues Mayot - alto saxophone
Fabrice Martinez - trumpet
Fidel Fourneyron - trombone
Théo Ceccaldi - violin
Sophie Agnel - piano
Paul Brousseau - Fender Rhodes
Sylvain Daniel - electric bass
Eric Echampard - drums

In 2016, Orchestre National de Jazz will celebrate its 30 years of existence.

Indeed, since 1986 the orchestra is revisiting every genre of music : from pop music to free jazz. 30 years of a loving alphabet primer of composers and past and present artists honored. Known as a creative laboratory, the ONJ has evolved through nine different projects under the control of a series of musical directors.

Today, directed by the guitarist and composer Olivier Benoit, this new ONJ presents a musical profile deeply in touch with his time, crossing minimalist and repetitive music with avant-garde jazz and prog rock symbolized by his very last project BERLIN.

Olivier Benoit captures the spirit of the german capital through a music made of contrasts, imprinted with lyricism and that exploits brilliantly all artistic resources of the ensemble. This orchestral suite is made of long pieces, experimenting with nervous and complex tracks and moody, atmospheric numbers.

Born in 1969, composer, guitarist and conductor, Olivier Benoit has multiple associations in musical investigations which cross: improvisation, experimental music, jazz, contemporary, electronic music, dance, theatre, circus and vidéo. Motivated by the desire to have an intergenerational orchestra open to multiple stylistic registers, Olivier Benoit picked ten musicians with rich, original backgrounds and created an ONJ suited to all kinds of aesthetic orientations, an orchestra capable of fulfilling the ambition lying at the heart of his project: to free genres from the compartments which separate them.

“ONJ, offensive onze de France” Libération
“The individual talents on display are spectacular. ” London Jazz News
“Electric, energetic, vivant, retentissant” Jazz Magazine
“An earthquake” Citizen Jazz

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Мероприятие Дата / Время Место проведения Цена  
Liudas Mockūnas - Dalius Naujokaitis (LT), Orchestre National de Jazz (FR) Вс 16.10. 2016 19:00 Rusų dramos teatras 11.16 - 21.16
Полезная информация

Vilnius Jazz 2016 festivalio abonementai galioja į visus festivalio koncertus, vykstančius Rusų dramos teatre.

Durys atidaromos:
likus 30 minučių iki renginio pradžios
Pertraukos: nėra
Vaikai įleidžiami nemokamai: ne
Renginio organizatorius: VšĮ "Vilniaus džiazo festivalis"
Amžiaus cenzas: nėra
Nuolaidos: nėra

Renginio organizatorius prisiima atsakomybę dėl įvykusio renginio ir jo kokybės. Pinigai už bilietus grąžinami tik neįvykus renginiui ar nukėlus renginio datą. Platintojas veikia kaip atsiskleidęs tarpininkas.

Место проведения
J. Basanavičiaus g.13 Vilnius Литва
VšĮ „Vilniaus džiazo festivalis“
VšĮ „Vilniaus džiazo festivalis“
P. Skorinos 16 – 2 Vilnius Vilnius