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For Ticket Buyers


Purchasers who need an invoice for their tickets, can contact UAB Bilietų Pasaulis and inform us via e-mail
It is necessary to inform about the request to receive an invoice no later than on the 10th day of every month (for the ticket purchases of previous month). Having provided the information later, an invoice shall not be issued.
An invoice is issued and sent via e-mail no later than within 10 business days from the day of getting a purchaser’s information.
Purchaser’s information required for issuing an invoice:


  1. Company name and address;
  2. Company code;
  3. VAT payer code;
  4. Confirmation of ticket purchase (if purchased online);
  5. Ticket ID or cheque copy (if purchased at cash desk). Ticket ID - 8 digits on the top of a ticket form.
NB: If not provided otherwise, an invoice for purchased tickets is issued in the name of an event organiser after the event.


We take reservations for 10 and more tickets.
Orders can be done by e-mail or on working days from 9 am til 17 pm by phone +37052780000. Reservation price 1,45 EUR per ticket.

Data of payment receiver:

Company registration number: 301811546
VAT number: LT100004210610
Address: Trakų g. 7-15, Vilnius
telephone number: +37052780000